Steven Lowe Shoes


The made to order service of Steven Lowe Shoes available to view here online or in person at 93 Wimpole Street, London W1G 0EQ. To make personal appointments with Steven Lowe please contact via the website or call 01323723424.



Currently offering styles created for ladies that are custom made to order. Here you are able to select from any of the styles on show in a choice of sizes 2-9 including half sizes.

You may choose the toe shape from 5 offerings, Almond, Chiseled, Pointed, Round and Square walled,
There are 6 Heel shapes for the 2”/50mm height. Block, Champagne, Louis, Princess, Queen and Stiletto.
There are 4 Heel Shapes for the 1”/25mm heights Leather stack, Kitten, Round Block and Square Block.

A selection of colours to choose from in Calf skin, Patent and Suede as well as exotic skins of Crocodile, Ostrich, Python and Lizard. These can be mixed to create shoes to your personal preference.

Prices begin with Calf, Patent and Suede at £625 plus VAT (£750 including VAT) up to £2040 plus VAT ( £2448 including VAT ) for Crocodile Delivery is approximately 6 weeks subject to the demands of time for custom work.


If your size is not covered it is possible to have a pair of shoe lasts customised from the range to better suit any size requirements for a one off fee per heel height as needed. This is £450 plus VAT ( £540 including VAT ) A further fee of £100 Plus VAT ( £120 including VAT ) per shoe design for special patterns to to lasts.

On all orders on the custom lasts an additional £100 plus VAT ( £120 including VAT ) for custom components to make each individual pair.

A first pair of calf shoes with custom lasts will cost £1275 plus VAT ( £1530 including VAT )

Orders in calf on the same last with a new design will cost £825 plus VAT ( £990 including VAT )

Orders in calf of the same style, a repeated style, will cost £725 plus VAT ( £870 including VAT )


Mens full hand stitched bespoke shoes are available with hand made lasts entirely made to measure by Steven Lowe Shoes. A mens Gentry Bespoke made to order service is currently in development. If you are interested in this service please enquire as this can also be provided at this point of development.

All made to order shoes require full payment in advance. Due to the nature of the product only exchanges can be made due to any unnatural material defects after an order is placed.

By placing an order and paying you are accepting these terms and conditions.

All custom lasts will be stored for any future use for the individual client for which it is made and remains our property. If no orders are placed after initial use within a certain time period, dependent on storage demands, we will endeavour to contact the client prior to the process of removing the lasts from our storage. In the event of this happening a new pair of lasts will need to be produced and paid for if required.

For any enquiries or to arrange a consultation, call: